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What is Remotix Cloud?

Remotix Cloud provides anywhere remote desktop access to any computer from any device. It effectively organizes all your machines in your personal cloud. Anywhere access capability is included in every Remotix purchase.

Remotix Cloud Hub is a centralized web-based solution to monitor and manage multiple computers. You can use it within your organization or to help your clients across any location. Hub is currently in beta.


Connect to all your computers or help anyone remotely with no additional costs. The technology works across any network and automatically establishes the secure channel to the computers behind firewall or NAT.


Remotix Cloud uses peer to peer and tunneling connections and provides the highest quality desktop experience.

Encrypted Connection

All communication with the remote machines is secured by strong military grade AES encryption.

Zero Configuration

No need to configure firewall or NAT, it's all done automatically.

Multiple Users

Share the access to the machine with colleagues.

You need to install Remotix Agent on the computer you plan to connect. We also have Quick Connect tool to gain quick access to remote Mac.

Remotix VNC & RDP client

It does not matter whether you manage Macs, Windows PCs or Linux machines. You can access them all with fast, secure and feature-packed Remotix VNC & RDP. Remotix is available for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Remotix Cloud anywhere access is included in Remotix purchase.

Get Remotix for your platform:

Remotix Cloud Hub

Very easy to use and configure, cost-effective and centralized solution with web-based interface to manage computer parks of any size. Currently we support Windows and Mac machines.


Collect the computer OS version, find the failing HDD or the part number of the video card. You can always get the complete information about the software, hardware and peripherals of a given machine.

Location Tracking

See on the map where machines are. If they are offline, you'll see the place they have been last seen.

Management Tasks

No need to do remote connection to empty trash, reboot or put the machines to sleep.

Console Commands

Execute bash, cmd or powershell commands and get their output.


Fully featured chat capability to talk with users behind the computers you manage.

Application Launcher

Obtain the list of applications on a given machine and launch them.

Remotix Cloud Hub is being actively developed. We would love get the feedback from you! Expect exciting new features in the coming months.

Purchase Hub Subscription

Remotix Cloud Hub will be provided on subscription basis and is currently in BETA. We're providing free access to anyone wishing to participate.